Tifa Lockhart
Her fire eyes light the way towards tomorrow.
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When it rains. (Tifa & Cloud)



“I NEVER thought they were just for show,” Tifa laughed, looking at the board quizzically when Cloud smirked and drank a bit more from the bottle. “I just figured you skimmed them. Go figure you were doing literary analysis all this time.” She crossed and leaned forward, placing her upper torso onto the table. 

“Something you no longer have is right,” She picked up the ‘e’ tile the spiky haired blonde had placed moments ago. “My my, ‘Intellegence’ huh? A lot of e’s there Cloud. If I remember, think you’re forgetting an ‘i’ there mister.” She raised her eyebrows and threw his tile towards him, laughing in the process.

“Go again mister, or else ill have to tell your whole English class how you misspelled ‘intelligence’… and how horrible of a drunk you are.” Tifa looked at his dazed eyes and her expression changed to one with worry. “You ok there Cloud? Need to lay down?”

Cloud leaned to the left when Tifa threw the tile at him, laughing back as she did. “It’s not my fault, it’s the wine!” he said as he shook his head, he knew the wine had been making him a lot goofier then usual. Cloud rolled his eyes and replaced the ‘e’ with an ‘i’ tile, he was getting annoyed with the game now, it wasn’t fair to get the guy drunk and expect him to spell at the same time.

Cloud looked over at Tifa and appeared jokingly insulted, he laughed and shrugged, “If you think I do then I probably need to lay down.” he said with a nod. Cloud sat up on the sofa and crossed his arms, “Whatever, I lose.” he mumbled, knowing exactly what losing meant.

Tifa’s eyes brightened ten fold as she leaned in and hugged Cloud tightly, giggling the entire time. “I beat the drunk English teacher! Yes!!” 

She jumped up and bounced around, however not hearing a peep from Cloud, she turned to find the young man passed out on the couch. The young woman sighed, shaking her head, and from under the table pulled out a blanket big enough to cover the entire couch. She draped it over the young man, almost tucking him as if he were a child with her as the mother. She glanced over Cloud’s face, his expression a bit more playful and serene than the last time she ever saw him pass out like this. It had been years ago when he had visited the bar she worked at, and Tifa had to drag his ass home because he had gotten wasted so easily. The spiky haired blonde will just never be good with his liquor. 

Tifa brushed a piece of hair off of his forehead, resisting the urge to flick it with her finger. With all the frustration involving her feelings towards him, the young woman learned her lesson and had accepted their relationship as being just friends. Her smile was sad, but at the same time one with great hope. After a great while of cleaning up the scrabble board and liquor bottles all over the floor, Tifa went to the kitchen and stared at the dinner all prepared for the two. She sighed, packing it up and putting it in the fridge. I’ll just have him take it back with him She thought to herself, making a little to go box for Cloud that also went into the fridge until further notice. The lightning and rain had ceased, and Tifa could see the stars appearing as the clouds began to disappear. She smiled, looking back at Cloud to pick him up and put him in the guest room. He really had lost a bit of wait, and the brunette realized tomorrow morning it would do him good if she got up a little earlier and made a big breakfast for the two. 

It was dark in the guest room, still fresh as Tifa recently put in new sheets. She did not want to turn the lights on so as to wake Cloud, even though the brunette knew that he had consumed so much alcohol nothing could possibly wake him all night. She placed him on the bed, covering him up just as much as she did when he was on the couch. She checked to make sure he wasn’t sick from all the liquor, moving a hand to his forehead. He did not seem clammy, and his temperature was fine. Tifa looked at him, her expression one of mixed emotions. ”Everything has to keep moving forward.” She whispered, her hand still on his forehead. He seemed a little too cold, and she tucked the blanket over his feet to ensure he was warm. “Even you have to start moving forward Cloud. I know it may not seem it because I still resent the past too. But I’m rooting for you. Always know that.” 

When she finally left the room, she closed the door behind her slowly so as not to stir the drunken man in the bed. But before going to bed, Tifa made sure to pack up the cowgirl uniform, hanging it on the doorknob of the guest room Cloud was staying in. There is no way he can get out of this. She thought happily before going to her own bedroom and getting to bed. Tomorrow would be a funny day indeed, just imagining how Cloud would try and talk his way out of this and failing would make it a good one to Tifa. She smiled triumphantly before closing the door to her own room and hitting the bed quickly. It had been a long night. But at least the rain had stopped.