Tifa Lockhart
Her fire eyes light the way towards tomorrow.
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I knew it. Come here. -Hugs-

See, he isn’t a bad clone at all Demyx. Oh you poor thing you’re crying! -wipes away tears- It really is uncanny how much you look like Cloud. Exactly like him.

Um, Ms. Lockhart, it did try to kill us. Shouldn’t we send it to jail or something?


Awww! Look at those eyes, can we keep him!? Can we, can we, can we!?

Um…  well. Actually, I have no clue exactly. He is modeled after an adult, so I guess it’s up to him really. But he is rather harmless when you think about it, he must have been just confused when the whole killing spree happened.

I guess it’s up to you Clone Cloud. Want to live with Demyx and reek havoc upon him by always reminding him to study? If that’s the case, you wouldn’t need detention Demyx.

I think that’s more than enough punishment, having a teacher always in your house bothering you about homework and things! Haha!