Tifa Lockhart
Her fire eyes light the way towards tomorrow.
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D I S C O R D [Tifa, Angeal, Lightning]




It was the morning after, and the sun was shining out Tifa’s window when she awoke from her slumber. She got up and rubbed her eyes, still drowsy from last night’s events. She barely even remembered what had happened until she passed by her guest room to hear a slight snoring sound coming from inside. She gingerly turned the knob, and saw a man curled up on the side of the bed, his face calm as his dreams captivated him. The young woman almost gasped, Of course, Angeal! And slowly closed the door so as not to stir the ex-soldier. 

She quickly grabbed a light robe and wrapped herself in it, tying a knot just around her waist. After the usual routine of brushing her hair and washing her face, the brunette thought it a good idea to make a big breakfast. She was sure he would be hungry considering how exhausting he was from last night’s events. Tifa tied her hair back neatly into a low ponytail, recalling how he had nearly passed out before making it to the stairs, yet still managed to get to the guest room and wish her a good night before laying on the bed and immediately shutting his eyes. 

Tifa went down the steps, embracing the quiet around the house as she heard birds chirping outside, and opened a window from the kitchen to let the Spring breeze come into the house. She started up the stove and got the frying pan ready when she realized she didn’t ask Angeal if he wanted drippy eggs or scrambled. So instead of using the pan for doing the eggs, she started with the bacon first and began frying them as she heard someone coming down to perhaps see what she was doing, creaking coming from the staircase with each footstep taken.

Angeal woke with the smell of bacon on the air. He stood up and stretched his arms and legs. His body was still kind of tired from the previous night’s mental assault and the sleep had done him good. Knowing that he didn’t have to report to the school just yet, and not wanting to deal with the hassle of putting on another suit this early in the morning, Angeal pulled out his old Soldier uniform. He had brought it along both for its comfort and for its reminder of his past. A physical memory he could never lose. It was rough around its edges, seeing many years of fighting, but it was still there and thats what mattered. 

Angeal began to head downstairs, the staircase protesting to every step his body made. The black haired man smiled as he walked off the staircase and towards the source of that delicious aroma. He came into the kitchen and smiled at the brunette. “Good morning Tifa” he said as he sat down at the table, taking in another deep breath of the smell the bacon that was cooking. When the brunette asked him what kind of eggs he’d Angeal answered with scrambled. He was leaning back in the chair when both he and Tifa heard a knock at the door.

A hand knocked on the front door of Tifa’s house yet again, before falling back to the pink haired woman’s side. It was unusual for her girlfriend not to text her in the mornings that she picked her up, and for some reason that had irked Lightning enough to drive over a bit early; just on the off-chance that something was wrong. …Is she even going to open the door? She sighed and reached a hand up to test the door knob, which to her surprise was unlocked as well. …Huh. okay then. Well I’m sure she won’t mind me letting myself in.

She shrugged to herself as she turned the handle, and stepped into the familiar front hall of the brunette’s house. No sooner had she closed the door, when she smelled the scent of Tifa’s cooking. Well she’s obviously up and alive, but why then didn’t she contact me like she normally does…?

The pinkette made her way through the living room, then stepped into the kitchen only to find a man she didn’t know sitting at the table, and Tifa standing at the oven messing around with whatever she was making. …The hell is this shit? And who the fuck is this guy? Lightning gaze turned gold, and she glared icy daggers at the man, while moving over silently to stand next to the table. Too bad she couldn’t control the rising anger that was bubbling up inside her, because she ended up slamming her hands down on the table, causing a loud echo throughout the kitchen. “What the FUCK is going on here, Tifa? Who the HELL is this guy, and why is he even here to begin with?”

Tifa cracked the egg open, chatting a bit with the still sleepy Angeal, when she heard the front door opening. She suddenly remembered not locking it before heading to bed, the past night’s events clearly fogging her head enough so as to not even consider doing it. She turned her head, a little nervous as nobody had ever dared to barge into her house like this before. However, when she saw it was just Lightning, she eased up and smiled. 

"Lightning! Good morning I’m making eggs-" But Tifa’s words were cut short when the woman’s girlfriend slammed her fists onto the table. It made a loud noise that shook the mahogany table, almost spilling Angeal’s drink. He caught in time, but Tifa stepped away from her eggs to shout "Hey! I just got that! If you want to bang on something go to it to the coffee table in the living room! I didn’t pay about half my pay check for this thing to get broken now!" The young brunette was shocked my Lightning’s outlandish behavior. 

When she listened as the pinkette shouted out words of negativity, swearing with blind rage, Tifa became aquiver with frustration as she approached Lightning closely and stated “This is Angeal. He’s a new teacher at the high school who didn’t have a place prepared, so I let him crash in one of my guest rooms. You know, like I did with my daughter.” She stood her ground as her own determined eyes flared with Lightning’s angry once. Tifa knew Lightning had become attached, as did she with her pink haired beauty. But to become jealous so easily when she should have known her girlfriend enough not to assume she cheated was another story entirely. The more she thought about it, Tifa got angrier and angrier, and had to take a deep breath in order to calm herself down. She was not known for her temper, and this certainly wasn’t going to be the day to start. The brunette readjusted her hair, wishing to conduct herself in a manner pleasant enough to avoid the whole argument she knew might be coming rather fast. The only regret here she had though, was that Angeal was at the table to witness this whole ordeal.