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Tifa stared at the little bunny rolling on the grass, the pretty and fluffy face covered in luscious green as she approached him. He was obviously mad about the container not submitting to his tiny paws, no thumbs to help him open it up after all. She picked him up with one fell swoop, listening as he grumbled. 

“Calm down. The garden is right over there.” With her other hand, the young brunette picked up her lunch container and continued walking until the opening for the garden was in sight.

Sho had been squirming beneath her grip the entire time, and as she saw the garden she allowed her grip to loosen so as to let the little bunny go and run to the flowers. They were beautiful as Aerith had been taking good care of them, and the smell of the fresh roses came across them as quickly as it took the little buncake to run and landing onto the flowers, the pollen falling onto his body as he giggled and rolled around in the colorful garden. 

Tifa opened the container and saw all the carrots placed on top of her lunch. She picked on up and whistled for Sho. “Hey. You wanted these, didn’t you?”

Sho blinked as he was scooped up by Tifa, his eyes going wide with curiosity. He had thought that the small patch of grass he had been rolling around in was the garden. Apparently he was wrong. So with an ever-curious expression on his face, Sho began to look around as they walked. 

That was when he spotted it, the bright colorful flowers in full bloom. To his small bunny eyes it was like a rainbow paradise. He began squirming with anticipation until Tifa let him down. He then hopped full speed over to the patch of flowers and began rolling around in them, giggling happily as he did. 

Sho perked up an ear when he heard Tifa whistle. He grinned at the thought of getting to have all those delicious carrots. But first he had something to do. He stooped over a particularly bright red rose, and plucked it from it’s place among the other flowers. He unknowingly gripped the thorny stem, but thankfully his hands were small enough to escape any potential harm. He hopped quickly back over to Tifa and offered her the flower, a wide grin crossing his face. “I got dis’ for you Miss Tifa!” He said, hopping excitedly in place.

The young woman sat down as bunny Sho ran towards the flowers, and she sighed while watching him come back to her covered in pollen. Where did he get all that energy? The wind came through as a light breeze and her hair swept to the side while Sho presented a beautiful red rose to her, his smile so wide it covered at least half of his face. He began hopping and would not stop until she took it, but not before noting the thorns as she carefully using her forefinger and thumb to receive the present. The little buncake didn’t appear hurt by the thorns, as she checked with her other hand.

Tifa smiled, placing the rose close to her face when she smelled the delicious aroma. The wind made the red petals tickle her nose, and she giggled from the feel of the velvety flower. “Sho, it’s so pretty! Thank you so much, you heartthrob you.” The young woman leaned in closer to give him a kiss on the cheek, his soft bunny fur playing on Tifa’s lips. 

The garden looked fantastic as always, but to Sho it must have seemed like an endless maze of pretty flowers. The brunette used her other hand to brush off some of the pollen on his fur, and then put one of the many carrots she had in his hands. “Here, a reward.”