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“Two teachers huh? That’s strange, I find almost ALL the teachers to have strange backgrounds.” Tifa pointed out as they made another turn of the corner, she watching as Sho guided their way. “Everybody seems to have a hard past their trying to move forward from. I think it’s nice we have so much to teach these kids so they don’t make the same mistakes we did in the past. That way, they can make their own horrible mistakes haha!” Tifa joked, but the truth was that this was one of the bigger reasons she became a teacher.

As the young man stopped in his tracks, Tifa looked ahead to see what was up. They had arrived at their destination. The place was indeed one near the shore, where the menu consisted of fresh seafood, and the place was filled when the two entered. She took in the nice color scheme, noting how well they kept with the sea  theme, yet not making it tasteless. She saw the chairs looked a bit old, but were durable as the two sat down at a table in the middle of the room. From this angle, they were capable of seeing the whole restaurant, including the giant window with the amazing view of the sea. How beautiful, Tifa thought, whilst flipping through the menu to decide what it was she wanted to it. As she stared at Sho, though, the young brunette noted how nervous he looked while inside. 

“What, you don’t think he’ll suddenly make you start working or something right? You just brought in another customer, you’ll be fine.” Tifa patted him on the shoulder, smiling as she took a sip of the water their waiter just brought to the table.

As the two entered the resteraunt, Sho had let the conversation of their pasts drop. He didn’t want to discuss his past. He didn’t want to bring up his drunken father, or his multiple times running away from home. He didn’t want to talk about his mother any more than he already had to this woman. He didn’t want to seem weak to her. It just wasn’t who he was. If he seemed nervous while they were sitting in the resteraunt, it was probably because Sho was more afraid Tifa would ask him about his past again.

He gave her a slight chuckle when she mentioned his asshole of a boss. With a roll of his eyes he took a sip from his glass of water. “Knowing that son of a digit, he’s probably not even here. He’s probably in his factoring ranch house, multiplying with some zetta cheap….” Sho shook his head, and gave a sheepish grin. “Ah, let me reiterate. I don’t factoring like m’ boss alright?” He said with a final nod.

"Oh really? No, I didn’t catch that at all. What from all the adoration you’ve been giving him." Tifa joked, leaning her elbows onto the table and giving Sho a playful look. 

His nervous aura seemed to calm down as the two began talking about the students and the school reflecting on last week’s exams and how each kid did. They joked about study habits while their drinks were being served, and like before, Sho displayed an amazing amount of confidence in his teaching skills. Tifa was only slightly envious of this, as she herself took pride in what she taught and how well the students do in her class. They sipped drinks before moving on to a new subject.

"Ok, Sho. Since you have such insight with this place, tell me what we should have." Tifa had been flipping through the menu, but nothing really caught her eye. "I’m paying." She insisted, in which she thought there would be an argument with him concerning the bill. Even if this wasn’t a date, guys always wanted to pay.