Tifa Lockhart
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Shopping. [Tifa + Aerith]



“Hey now!” Tifa laughed, picking up a dress from the rack and placing it in Aerith’s hands. “If I remember correctly, nothing burned at all! Guess I should thank the Gods for that huh?” She chuckled, while pushing her friend into the dressing room.

“Just remember, I’ve cooked a whole lot more since high school. Granted, I had to eat my horrible mistakes back when I lived in that apartment by myself haha. I improved fast after realizing I would be eating it every day.” The brunette leaned against the wall next to the dressing room, listening as more customers came in and the bell on the door chimed. 

The cashier had greeted them when Tifa heard a rustling in the dressing room. “Hey, you done in there? Let me see it!”

Giggling along, she leaned against the near by wall and continued to giggle. “Well it’s good that your approving”

“But just in case, i’ll still pray” Winking at her friend, she jokingly and playfully commented.

“Hey, you done in there? Let me see it!” 

Turning to where the sound had come from, her smile widened. “She looked great in the dress” Aerith said loudly before she tugged on Tifa’s dress.

“Go show her”

Tifa saw Aerith leaving the dressing room, and immediately rushed over to coo at her. “Look at that babydoll dress, I knew you would look adorable in it.” She giggled like a mother dressing her pretty baby girl. 

She tugged at the ends of the dress which had a lace design. “Do you like it?? I thought it fit you so well since it’s pink and pretty.”