Tifa Lockhart
Her fire eyes light the way towards tomorrow.
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Shopping. [Tifa + Aerith]



Tifa saw Aerith leaving the dressing room, and immediately rushed over to coo at her. “Look at that babydoll dress, I knew you would look adorable in it.” She giggled like a mother dressing her pretty baby girl. 

She tugged at the ends of the dress which had a lace design. “Do you like it?? I thought it fit you so well since it’s pink and pretty.”

Nudging her best friend playfully, she giggled.

“Oh shush”

Turning around to glance at the mirror, she titled her head and smiled.

“Yeah.. yeah i like it! The design is so nice..” She twirled around on the spot lightly before giggling.

“You have good taste, tifa”

"Oh!" Tifa giggled, blushing slightly. She felt Aerith was being genuine as always, but didn’t know how to receive the compliment properly. "Thank you, Aerith."

The young woman, twirled Aerith about, placing a shawl on her shoulders and a somewhat small hat upon her head. It looked like the perfect outfit. “A lovely girl ready for a date perhaps?” Tifa inquired as she turned Aerith so she could look at herself in the mirror. “Maybe a candlelit dinner outside so you could look at the stars as well?” One thing Tifa secretly loved, of which only Aerith knew, was romance.

The thoughts of a beautiful setting and a significant other vowing understanding and showering with adoration the person they cherished. Romance novels or even movies were Tifa’s weakness, and she giggled while playing with the hat a bit.