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Far-off Memory [Tifa + Hope]



“Hey!!” Tifa shouted as she spotted the young man with the silver hair going towards the cross way. “Wait up!” He had been chatting with someone beforehand but moved enough so as she was just going to miss him. 

The young brunette proceeded to take off her work shoes, the socks as well, and while still holding onto the worksheet began to sprint across traffic. Why on earth was she working so hard? Didn’t the boy notice the mad woman dashing towards him? He was clearly oblivious until Tifa grabbed him by the shoulder, gasping a little from the jog she did. She was lucky too, as she noticed he was trying to get to the bus. Had he gotten in, she may have never seen him again until school the next day. There was no doubt she would have spotted him then too, because seriously, not that many people have silver hair. There was only two other people she had known with silver hair, and that was her younger cousin and Riku from her classroom. The boy appeared surprised, but Tifa took a moment to catch her breath before pulling out the paper to hand to him.

“You forgot this…” She began, but as she met eyes with him, her expression was of absolute shock. 


Hope felt a hand grab his shoulder and screeched to a halt to turn and look at the woman who was holding onto him. She was doubled over, trying to catch her breath. Oops. He had been too concerned about the bus to notice someone chasing after her.

The boy waved the bus away, signaling for it to leave without him. As it rumbled away, Hope waited for the brown-haired woman to catch her breath with an inquisitive look, his eyes curious.

She looked up. Hope saw that she was a very pretty young woman, her eyes a shade of red-brown, and her hair very long. Her grip on him was pretty strong, but her look of surprise made her look almost school-girlish. He was certain she was a teacher, though. She looked vaguely familiar… Had he seen her in the halls before?

And she knew his name. In fact, she seemed shocked that it was him she was chasing. Hope blinked, head tilting to the side, brow furrowed. “Uh… Sorry, do I…?”

The sudden image of a young brown-haired girl in a blue dress flashed through Hope’s mind. The girl was smiling brightly, holding out a hand to him. How long ago had this been?

His confusion evident, Hope’s sentence came to a halt as he tried to grasp at what was just beyond his reach.

Tifa stood there, releasing her grip on the young boy. She stared at him, pondering if perhaps there was more than one Hope in the universe with silver hair and a small frame like him. She smiled, ruffling his hair about.

"Well then, look’s like you have a pretty bad memory huh? Don’t remember me at all do you?" The laughed as the young man’s confused expression was more evident than ever.

The two were on the side of the street by then, and two watched as the bus he was going to catch drove off. She lightly patted him on the shoulder and suggested she drive him home. “Don’t worry about it Hope. I used to guide you back home all the time when we used to play together right?”