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The young woman sat down as bunny Sho ran towards the flowers, and she sighed while watching him come back to her covered in pollen. Where did he get all that energy? The wind came through as a light breeze and her hair swept to the side while Sho presented a beautiful red rose to her, his smile so wide it covered at least half of his face. He began hopping and would not stop until she took it, but not before noting the thorns as she carefully using her forefinger and thumb to receive the present. The little buncake didn’t appear hurt by the thorns, as she checked with her other hand.

Tifa smiled, placing the rose close to her face when she smelled the delicious aroma. The wind made the red petals tickle her nose, and she giggled from the feel of the velvety flower. “Sho, it’s so pretty! Thank you so much, you heartthrob you.” The young woman leaned in closer to give him a kiss on the cheek, his soft bunny fur playing on Tifa’s lips. 

The garden looked fantastic as always, but to Sho it must have seemed like an endless maze of pretty flowers. The brunette used her other hand to brush off some of the pollen on his fur, and then put one of the many carrots she had in his hands. “Here, a reward.” 

Sho grinned widely when Tifa accepted his present, he had worked so hard at finding just the right one and he was beaming with excitement, glad that she was glad with it. What he was not expecting however was the kiss on the cheek. The instant Tifa’s lips touched his cheek, Sho’s bunny ears shot straight up into the air and as soon as a bright red blush started making it’s way onto Sho’s face the ears, as if moving of their own accord, flopped down in order to hide his embarrasement. 

He giggled when she brushed the pollen off his fur and smiled brightly as she handed him a carrot, still hiding behind his large ears. “Thank you Tifa!” Sho said with a smile, he started to turn away, but in a spilt second decision he hoped back around to Tifa, who was still bent over, leaned up and gave her a kiss on the cheek as well. He giggled playfully as he hopped off to play in the flowers. 

Sho jumped right into the midst of the bright flowers and went to work eating his carrot. He had to nibble away at it in order to get it past his big to front teeth that seemed to have grown a bit larger when his ears came in.

As Sho gave her a kiss on the cheek in response to her own actions, she giggled at how cute he really was. She couldn’t help but watch as he difficultly managed with his huge bunny teeth, attempting to eat his carrot. Reminds me how much I love kids. She thought to herself, leaning back and closing her eyes. When she was younger, Tifa used to babysit her cousin a lot, Sho being just as cute as her cousin once was. She recalled how she hadn’t seen her cousin in awhile, and looked over to see the bunny Sho happily maneuvering around his teeth to stick the carrot in his mouth, munching away with joy. 

I wonder how long this will last until the whole bunny thing wears off. Tifa rolled in the grass until she bumped into the bunny, and turning her head to face him, asked. “Hey, Light told me something Sho. Did a grey face do this to you?”