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Once Upon a Me [Lightning + Tifa]



The sun was setting as the night was becoming ever more apparent. Tifa had finished washing her dishes in the quiet of the piano music softly playing on her stereo. The soap bubbles popped and the water wrinkled her hands as the faucet was turned on and soon turned off. Dishes were done, teeth were brushed, pajamas had been had, the beautiful woman laid in bed and stared at the ceiling. She had been debating angrily with herself all day, coming to the conclusion that she was simply put a wimp, but she then shook her head and turned over. Her cheek hit the pillow to her side, yet just as she thought her night would become a relaxing one, a knot in her stomach twisted when her eyes fell upon her dresser. Atop the mahogany top sat a decorative bag, thin sheets of color from the paper mache inside of the bag pouring out slightly, but tied together by a pretty pink ribbon. The string handles on the bag had a note attached to them, spelling out “Lightning” in the cursive Tifa grew up writing. 

Her brunette hair whipped across as Tifa turned her face to the other direction, closing her eyes and digging her face further into the sheets and wrapping her arms around them like she was hugging another human body. The young woman had been getting that present ready for a few days before Light’s birthday, but the fight they had ensnared themselves in completely ruined the moment she was going to give it to her girlfriend. In fact, Tifa didn’t even see Light on the day of her birthday, which would have been less disappointing had she not found out from Light herself that her birthday ended up being a lonely one. During Spring Fling, the two ran into each other and attempted to talk things out, but when Light revealed this horrible information she simply got up and walked out. The brunette was too heart broken by her spoken words to even run after her, only hanging her head and reveling in what had just happened. 

All alone… Tifa half opened her eyes, greeting the white sheets covering her face and sighing. She got up and sat on the edge of her bed, her knees bent to touch her face and she leaned forward and stared at the present she made. If I had known… I would have gone running. The woman had wanted to say to Lightning. She wished she had run after her during the Spring Fling, but there was no use in wondering the what ifs or could haves. She continued to stare at the present, moving her hand under one of the pillows so she could reach her phone. There was no blinking lights, no noises coming from it, and Tifa knew it meant nobody had called her or messaged her. It was still early in the evening, only 8 pm, and besides the many texts Aerith and she had been exchanging, there was nothing else. Nighttime was getting closer to darkness, and even more stars were appearing as the night went on. She had to make a decision, and soon. Too late would be too late, no matter by how many minutes. Minutes could turn into hours, and hours could turn into midnight if she wasn’t careful. Tifa had to dial right now. As her fingertips gently pressed the buttons, she failed to press the last 2, and groaned while pressing her forehead to her knees.

This was so odd, she had never had a fight like this that was so passive before. It normally was that Tifa was extremely direct with the problem at hand, usually never having to deal with things like her inner feelings. The beautiful brunette was a strong and confident woman, but when it came to her own internal feelings it was like they were an enigma, even to herself. The thought occurring to her she might have to talk about her own feelings while not drunk almost scared her out of finishing the number on the phone, but not entirely as she pressed the send button and heard the noise on the other end of the receiver. It as ringing. 

“Hey, Light. It’s me. Got a sec?”

It was the day after Spring Fling had ended, and a certain pink haired woman was still regretting her actions form the previous night. After spending a good chunk of the night sulking and talking with a few people about her feelings and such, Tifa had approached her and tried talking out the problems they were having. Though upon the brunette asking her how her birthday was, the pinkette had admitted to spending it alone and then stormed out of the party.

Lightning had spent her entire Saturday morning at home, trying to figure out what to do about the things going on, when it occurred to her that she had promised a certain pulsian that she’d visit her at her workplace. Which just so happened to be a bar she used to go to all the time. So when the time came, the pinkette had left her house and headed down to the bar. Though she didn’t expect having to save Fang from a few drunkards, but it was sorted out easily enough with a bit of force on her part.

The pulsian for the most part seemed thankful Lightning has shown up when she had, and may have been the reason she had gotten such a huge glass of her famous ‘Highwind’ drink. As she took the time to enjoy her rum and whiskey mixture, her and Fang chit chatted about various things, sharing in a few playful jokes here and there, and just enjoying each others company to the fullest. It wasn’t everyday that the duo got to hang out, and it was times like this that the soldier needed as of late.

It was then, in the middle of their conversation about how Lightning used to work at a bar herself on Cocoon, that her cellphone started going off, and when she pulled it out of her pocket and stared at the caller id, that she froze up. Tifa was calling her. A million different thoughts exploded in her mind, as she tried to figure out what exactly the brunette could want at this time of the night. It was unusual to be sure, but maybe her girlfriend wanted to talk more about the previous night? Or the worse case scenario… To break up with her. The pinkette felt a sharp pain in her chest at the thought of that probability, since Tifa truly meant a lot more to her than she even knew. But there was no way to tell what she wanted yet, so she took a deep breath and pushed the answer button.

Her sapphire eyes darted up to look Fang in her own, as a familiar voice spoke up on the other side of the line. It was a painful reminder of what she had been missing on a daily basis for the last week or so,

Hey, Light. It’s me. Got a sec?

Lightning swallowed the lump that had appeared in her throat, and took another deep breath to stay as calm as possible before finally speaking up after a few moments of pure silence. “…Uh… Yeah, I’ve got a second. What do you need…?”

The words on the receiving end felt almost cold, and Tifa felt her spine bending in nervousness as she recollected herself to speak once more. The sounds of clattering glasses could be heard in the background, and the young woman contemplated whether or not Light was out of the house or not. That was more than she could say for her day of spending at home reading or cleaning up. Granted the morning was a bit more occupied as she had horrible dealings with Cloud and his close friend passing away in a fire. However, that was not the problem at hand she was dealing with at the moment, and Tifa attempted to continue with what she had in mind with calling Light in the first place.

"You busy right now or should I call another time?" The brunette attempted to try and sound unemotional with her response, though she felt it barely even counted as professional. "Either way, I just wanted to know if you would like to get together sometime this week to talk." Tifa nonchalantly got up from her bed and began walking up to the glass door leading to the balcony, undoing the latch so she could go outside.