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Shopping. [Tifa + Aerith]



“Oh!” Tifa giggled, blushing slightly. She felt Aerith was being genuine as always, but didn’t know how to receive the compliment properly. “Thank you, Aerith.”

The young woman, twirled Aerith about, placing a shawl on her shoulders and a somewhat small hat upon her head. It looked like the perfect outfit. “A lovely girl ready for a date perhaps?” Tifa inquired as she turned Aerith so she could look at herself in the mirror. “Maybe a candlelit dinner outside so you could look at the stars as well?” One thing Tifa secretly loved, of which only Aerith knew, was romance.

The thoughts of a beautiful setting and a significant other vowing understanding and showering with adoration the person they cherished. Romance novels or even movies were Tifa’s weakness, and she giggled while playing with the hat a bit.

She giggled along with Tifa as Tifa narrated one of her fantasies, a romantic fantasy to be exact. “Oh how romantic, tifa.. i forgot how you loved romance” Laughing again, she crossed her arms casually across her chest as she rocked side to side.

“Will that romantic dinner be with perhaps, lightning?” She mumbled with a playful grin. “Of course if you don’t want to tell me, that’s perfectly fine..” Keeping the playful smirk on her face, she looked back at the mirror.

Aerith hummed a soft tune, as she fiddled with the hat, shifting her eyes to tifa, she tilted her head.

“Well~?” She chimed out.

"No silly! You and Cloud!" Tifa laughed, smoothing out the shawl upon Aerith’s shoulders.

She tilted her head with a slight frown on her face. “I’m afraid Cloud appears to be a bit too oblivious to the ways of romance, so you are going to have to spell it out for him!” Tifa shook her head and went back to the rack and sifted through a few more clothes.

"Maybe you should surprise him with a picnic in the garden, hm?" The young brunette threw a few pieces of her hair behind her shoulder, contemplating something.

Actually, they’re both pretty oblivious when it comes to things like this. Too shy, and they might end up not making any progress at all. She stared at a few accessories as well, looking at the pearls and picking them up. Tifa put them on Aerith, basically dressing her up with the perfect date outfit.

I’m sure they’ll be fine though. She smiled, turning to Aerith. “You look so pretty!”