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Once Upon a Me [Lightning + Tifa]



The words on the receiving end felt almost cold, and Tifa felt her spine bending in nervousness as she recollected herself to speak once more. The sounds of clattering glasses could be heard in the background, and the young woman contemplated whether or not Light was out of the house or not. That was more than she could say for her day of spending at home reading or cleaning up. Granted the morning was a bit more occupied as she had horrible dealings with Cloud and his close friend passing away in a fire. However, that was not the problem at hand she was dealing with at the moment, and Tifa attempted to continue with what she had in mind with calling Light in the first place.

“You busy right now or should I call another time?” The brunette attempted to try and sound unemotional with her response, though she felt it barely even counted as professional. “Either way, I just wanted to know if you would like to get together sometime this week to talk.” Tifa nonchalantly got up from her bed and began walking up to the glass door leading to the balcony, undoing the latch so she could go outside. 

There was a long pause on the other end, and Lightning had started wondering if Tifa had hung up on her for some reason. Lightning waited for the brunette to speak up again, but her attention was soon turned elsewhere when a group of drunk mean started getting rowdy. Thankfully Fang got the hint that this was a very important phone call, and knocked some sense into those men so her friend wouldn’t have to.

You busy right now or should I call another time?

“… No, I’m not really busy..” The pinkette was interrupted yet again, by that same group of men in the back. The pulsian again went over to them, this time it took a bit longer for the group to shut up, and when they did Fang motioned over to her to keep talking on the phone, and she’d stay there to keep an eye on them.

Either way, I just wanted to know if you would like to get together sometime this week to talk.

…Why doesn’t she sound happy talking with me…? Her tone is really… Cold and uncaring? Lightning sighed inwardly. “…If you’re really willing to see me, then I don’t mind meeting up, Tifa. Uhm… Any certain place in particular? Or did you wanna talk about that too?”

Tifa heard a slight commotion in the background and knew for a fact that Lightning was indeed out. She had no clue where she was, though, and decided to disregard it as she opened the glass door and went outside, a cool breeze hitting her face as she leaned against the railing.

"How does tomorrow sound?" Tifa was a bit abrupt with her answer, but she at this point really wanted to get off the phone. There was still tension between the two that a one on one in person conversation would eventually remedy. 

"I was thinking…" The young woman paused for a moment. Just where exactly would the two go to talk? Going to either one of their houses would appear as though they were cornering each other, but somewhere like the cafe was a bit small and people might hear them. It had to be a place where no one was or else a place over populated. Suddenly it occurred to her the seaside shack where Sho worked had booths. "How about the place Sho works at? It’s near the marketplace by the shore."

After negotiating a time, Tifa hung up her phone and stared up at the stars. She had no real idea what she was going to say, and it may have worried her if she wasn’t more worried about their relationship in general.