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Brand New Days [Angeal + Tifa]

It was in the middle of class that Tifa heard a commotion outside and chose to close her door. Her class had only about twenty minutes left and she knew that the students were listening to the fight outside in the hallway rather than the brunette’s very vocal voice. As she placed the her hand on the knob and pressed the door shut, Tifa couldn’t help but peer through the small window, her own curiosity showing. It had been two freshman throwing punches, but a teacher intercepted the fight and pushed them back with just his bare hands. Upon further inspection, Tifa made a slight gasping noise to see it was Angeal, the man she had allowed to stay over a few days ago. 

Tifa turned her back from the door, returning to teaching the class for the remainder of time. Her mind wandered though. It was ironic she had found him stopping a fight, just as he had done the morning he had left. She recalled how Light had come over unannounced and abruptly started a fight with Tifa, in which she apathetically demanded Light leave and Angeal stood his ground being the go between almost. Just like with those kids, Angeal came off as very level headed, and Tifa felt much calmer during the fight just having him there. He immediately left after Light did, and while he stated there was nothing to apologize for, Tifa still felt bad about the whole experience. She wondered where he was living, if he had met up with Zack, and how his classes were going.

As the school bell rang and the kids ran out of the class, the brunette wandered the halls looking for the tall man with the beautiful blue eyes. There in the corner of her eyes, she spotted the man chatting with one of his students. He waved the boy away and saw that Tifa approached him, smiling. “Angeal! How have you been?” She asked, patting him on the shoulder. “I hope you found a place to live!”

Posted on Apr 26, 2012
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