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Brand New Days [Angeal + Tifa]



“Oh I’ve seen these before!” Tifa quickly ran up to the stall and stared at them, touching the cage. “I stopped by another world before getting here, and it just so happened to by overwhelmed with the! They were so well taken care of. Unlike RIGHT NOW.” She made sure the man in behind the table could here her, and she smirked when he gave her a scowl. “If I remember correctly, they can get big enough to ride. I saw everyone using these things for transportation. There were even these Chocobo Knights. It was amazing.” The brunette placed her finger inside the cage and one of the yellow creatures began playing with it.

She looked at Angeal and saw the spark of curiosity and immediate want in his eyes. She smiled much more gently and pulled him closer to the cage. She pulled his hand close to hers, so one of the other chicks could play with his burly hands. His fingers were twice the size of hers, and but the callouses on his were about the same amount as on hers, and she chuckled to herself. Many of the chocobos were initially scared of him, except for the one that the small bird was sitting next to. That one made the cutest chirping noise and went right up to his finger, brushing its cheek on his knuckle.

“Look how much he likes you Angeal.” She said, nodding towards the small chick. “Or she. I can’t really tell.” Tifa walked up to the manager of the establishment and whispered a figure in his ear. The incredulous look he gave her didn’t discourage her at all, and they began their bout of haggling that ended in her favor.

Before Angeal could even protest, she simply looked up to him with big innocent eyes and said “Mr. Soldier, it would be awfully cruel of you to leave it now when it has gotten so attached to you.” And only then did Tifa mention that she already paid the man. “Consider my last house warming gift to you. It’ll certainly lively the place up.” The young woman winked and the man began to unlock the cage.

Angeal laughed as the chocobo rubbed its cheek against his finger. The bird certainly seemed to be a happy one, and very curious as well. “I’ve heard of these birds being ridden before, there were even a few ranches that were near my hometown Banora, though I never got to ride one myself. I’m not gonna lie, I always wanted to.” He had noted however when the brunette had grabbed his hand that her hands were just as battle worn as his own. She’d seen a lot more than he knew, perhaps one day she’d tell him or have a way to show him her true strength, something he was quiet sure by now she was holding back.

When the brunette told him that she would buy him the chocobo as one final gift, Angeal couldn’t help but smile both at the idea and the way she had said it. He found the gesture quite cute. “Thank you very much Tifa, I’m sure that the apartment will be much livelier than the usual it has been.” As if reading his happy mood and realizing its new found freedom, the chocobo, as well as the small brown bird both flew up to Angeal’s shoulder and assumed their new posts. “Well, he’s clearly comfortable, though now I’m gonna have to think of a name for the little guy.” The black haired man looked to Tifa for ideas as the two continued to walk through the market. They were close to having everything that Angeal had been looking for, though he continued to keep his eye out for a weapons stall, he still needed to get a new sword after leaving his SOLDIER one on Gaia and giving the Buster Sword to Zack.

Whilst in the market area, the two motioned over to one part in which they sold exotic foods, some of which Angeal knew about from his home world. Tifa laughed as he explained a few, seeing that not much was different with foods and worlds. Save for just some small delicacies.

"Oh look! There’s some sea salt ice cream!" The young woman pointed at the stand in which a distinguished looking duck was selling them, a smug smile upon his face. When Angeal stared at Tifa with a confused expression, she giggled and moved closer to the venue. "It’s something that was invented back at Radiant Garden. It’s a salty and sweet dessert for refreshing summer days like today! I was so happy when I found out they were here too. You wanna try it out?" She was eager to make the man agree, and the two birds on his shoulders chirped excitedly as they were approaching the duck.

"See, I bet they want a bite too. Oh, but what do chocobos eat?" Tifa pondered this, not even considering to ask the man who sold them beforehand if they needed to buy food for the little guy. "We haven’t even named him yet, you turned down every single one of my suggestions down!" Though in all honesty, she wasn’t expecting Angeal to go for Nathaniel or Michael Angelo. He clearly argued that those were far too strange of names to even consider, as he had never heard of anyone called Nathaniel, and Michael Angelo was a name no one would take seriously.

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