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My Soul, Your Beats! [Tifa and Winged!Angeal]



Her red eyes danced as she immediately approached the man to touch those angelic wings. She didn’t even bother asking, for some reason she was far too excited about the phenomenon to even think to ask. As her fingers brushed along a feather, a smile cracked between her lips. “So soft,” She said with amazement.

And she was right. The wings that popped out of nowhere moved, and the sensation of the feathers made contact with her hand once more. They were pure white wings, and they shined every time the moon came out from the clouds passing over it. She brushed her bangs aside and leaned in to get a closer look. The softness was nothing she had ever felt before, nothing like any bird she had ever touched. It couldn’t be like a dove’s, though the white texture was close to it. The two wings were huge when they flapped, but now that Angeal was on the ground, they closed up to create this perfect shape. 

“Like an angel’s.” The brunette’s voice was wispy, she had to stop stroking the one wing and look up at Angeal, catching her breath. “Would it hurt if I plucked a feather?”

An angel or a monster. Angeal smiled at the brunette, keeping his darker thoughts to himself. “I’m not quite sure but you can give it a try if you’d like.” Immediately Tifa grabbed a hold of a feather and pulled, removing it from Angeal’s wings with a barely audible pop. To his surprise the separation was a little more painful than he expected and the black haired man’s face twisted with the sharp but very short pain. Ignoring that however, the man began to see how the light played off the feather, reflecting and splitting the light into multitudes of colors as the brunette twirled the feather in her hand and it caught the light at the right angles. “Anyway, what are you doing out here so late at night?” Angeal asked the brunette. Perhaps she had just needed to clear her head though, the black haired man knew that the reason he had come out into the clear night was to let the fears and thoughts flow through him rather than fester and consume him.  

Tifa was taken aback by all the colors streaming from such a small feather. However, she noticed the small contortion of pain upon the handsome man’s face, yet chose to ignore it as he was the kind of person who would find her worry to be a bother more so than helpful. She curiously twirled the feather with her forefinger and thumb, her eyes switching from the feather to Angeal.

"I was just walking. The moon is so beautiful at this time of night." Her meek smile showed that she was lying. Tifa was learning to be more honest with her feelings, yet her first instinct was to automatically say nothing was wrong. She coughed and then attempted to try again. "And. . I also had a little bit of a nightmare."

She brushed some hair that had wandered onto her cheek, looking up at Angeal with curiosity. “Actually, it had something do with angels, when I think about it. Funny I would run into you like this. Maybe I’m still dreaming heh.” The young woman tucked the feather behind her ear, it staying in place enough for her to feel it safe to keep it there, she moved towards the stairs leading to the center doors for the high school. 

"But what were you doing here Angeal? And why, out of curiosity, do you look so elegantly dressed? Going to a fancy event that you felt the need to dress up with wings for the occasion?"

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