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Goodblue [Konishi + Tifa]



Tifa smiled, hoping her aura was more gentle than nervous. “I see.” It was all she could come up with, but manners proved that she needed to say more. “Well I loved it, and I really did appreciate it.”

She took a step forward, hoping she wasn’t intruding my inviting herself in a little bit. Konishi’s demeanor seemed stand offish, yet her pure elegance seemed to draw Tifa in. Her room was extremely well kept, with all her papers organized and not a speck of dust inside. How long has she been a teacher here? Where did she meet Lightning? What kind of person is she truly? All these questions plagued the young brunette, but she simply placed her hands behind her back, gripping one of her arms tightly as she gazed on with her flaring red eyes.

“Are you ok? You seem a bit tense.” She implored. “Possibly the students? They really can be a handful huh?” Tifa was trying to make light conversation, anything to get to know the woman better. Though maybe now wasn’t the best time, considering how curt she appeared to be.

The blonde woman took a step to the side as the woman walked into her classroom. There was no invitation, the brunette just helped herself. Konishi held he tongue however, telling herself it wasn’t that big of a deal. She instead walked away from the door and back to her desk, sitting in her chair and smoothing out her dress as she did. It would be best to keep her comments to herself with this one. She wasn’t about to risk a friendship due to her… personality.

“Tense?” She repeated, adjusting her glasses on her nose as she looked back at the other teacher. She wasn’t tense. Or if she was it wasn’t something new. Konishi decided not to let this personality flaw show and instead sighed with a small nod. “Yes they can be.” The blonde agreed. “Never listening and full of smart assed comments.”

Konishi didn’t hate the students per say… but they did annoy her.

"Smart ass is right. I thought I was going to attack the students when I first met them. They thought they could get away with some snide comments about my figure." She sighed, shaking her head while recalling that dreadful first day of school as a new teacher. "I made sure to let them know that was unacceptable behavior."

Tifa turned her head, looking at the desks in the classroom. They were all cleaned off using windex, the brunette could still smell the chemicals. “Your room is so well kept. It’s nice to know there are such organized teacher at this school.” She looked back at Konishi and smiled. “How long have you been a teacher here Konishi?”