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Anonymous asked: Warmth - Tseng (only one that we haven't pretty much done in an rp XD

Warmth: Our muses doing something fluffy and cute together.


“No… Heh.” There was the lightest of giggles as her eyes grew gentle upon finding the confused expression on his face. When she suggested going to the park, this was exactly what she had in mind. But hearing him say he had never had a crepe before, now that caught her off guard in the best way possible.

He stared at the pastry for a little bit, having decided the two would share one. The young woman waited patiently for him to figure out just what it was exactly, for there was no real way for her to describe it properly. But what made her laugh was when he why the man at the park gave them no utensils, not that he used the kind they generally give anyway. Her hand went to her mouth and she stifled the rest of her laughter before shaking her head.

“Tseng, you eat it with your hands. See,” The crepe rested between his hands, and she placed her own palms over his to take a bite of the edge. Chocolate creme revealed itself against her bottom lip, tongue going over it to taste the sweetest part of the pastry.

She took another bite before moving in to give him a kiss, letting the creme glide over his lips to taste. Affectionate and sweet, but most strange of all very forward in public. There was not much that caught the Turk off guard, but to see the barmaid break one of her own rules about public affections might have been the exception.